Friday, 16 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year From Kuala Lumpur!

Chinese New Year is huge in Malaysia. Of course it is, with ethnic Chinese making up more than 20% of the country's population. Let's celebrate! Where? The usual, the malls!

Just like at Christmas, best to head indoors to the big spaces, the malls, for the best decorations. Nothing disappointing about these displays.

Your typical mall. A little teaser to the main atrium extravaganza.

Oh yea. Groups of blossoming trees, rides, red lanterns everywhere. A stage. It's on. Well, not enough to get people away from their hand phones. The detail is amazing, over-flowing with elaborate flowers, all of it fake. Except this guy, he's real. Still on a phone!

Everybody can be a star in front of the giant video background on the stage.

Pose time, make sure you strike one that works. Options.

Did we mention the detail? Wow!

Birds are good, gotta include some birds. Perhaps included to amp the Feng Shui.

Now, don't forget you're in a mall and the purpose of these displays is to get you to feel great about your shopping experience. If you need a little reminding, commerce is lurking around the corner.

The displays go beyond over the top default decorations. Why not throw some history, a little genre scene in there? Here's a scene of ye olde farmstead, complete with drying peppers and laying chickens. Kid is optional. More posing.

So what year is it, anyway? The dog, which is for sale.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Into The Mangroves Near Bangkok

It's nice to get out of the Bangkok grid and see a little backwater scenery. Trade the bustle for the languid.

Taking in the delta. What's that woman doing, shouldn't she be in the boat? More later.

Global warming, climate change, your label here, in action. The mangroves used to stretch to the outer poles. Cruising a canal in the mangroves.

The rural skyline.

Our driver. His boat blessings to the gods.

Back to the woman overboard. She's harvesting cockles, a clam-like mollusk. The method involves blind dousing with your feet, feeling a cockle, shoveling it up, rinsing it off and throwing it in the bucket. A purely analogue operation. Amazing.